Take Your Love of Music to the Next Level

In addition to our Master’s degree 4-year Bachelor’s degree we also have our 1-year Certificate Program. You will get foundational training to take your love of music to the next level.

You already have a God-given gift for music – we can help you transform your passion into a  profession. In just nine months, earn one of three faith-based music certificates from Visible Music College. You’ll gain skills and knowledge to further your career or help you land in real positions in the music industry and the church, all while experiencing Visible’s unique, Christian artist community.

At Visible, we know how to mix academic and professional to create a holistic education. Our working label, Madison Line Records, is a perfect example. Access to the label and its recording studio gives our students hands-on experience and a real preview of what it’s like to work in the music industry.

We have three certificate programs you can choose from with details below…


Modern Music

The Certificate in Modern Music program offers training in skill and character for artists who wish to obtain entry level training in the field of contemporary music in the church or music industry. The curriculum is designed to give the student a music knowledge base, vocational experience, and spiritual growth needed to succeed as musicians in the church and music industry. There are 7 specific emphases available in the Certificate of Modern Music program: Instrumental Performance (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards); Vocal Performance, Worship Leadership, and Songwriting.

Upon completion, the student will:

  • be prepared for musical service in the church and the music industry;
  • be prepared for success in both live and studio environments.

Music Business

The Certificate in Music Business program prepares is designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of the modern music industry for both capital and artistic gains. This includes the development of these basic music business skills: overview of the music industry and vocational opportunities, contractual/legal matters, management of artists, and event/tour planning.

Upon graduation, the student will:

  • be prepared to find gainful employment in the music industry;
  • demonstrate an ability to communicate and lead at at professional level.

Music Business Certificate

Music Production

The Certificate in Music Production program is designed to give audio engineers and producers a foundational and  vocational readiness from a Christian perspective. The program is designed to introduce the student to the tools and techniques used to produce music in the modern recording studio, while nurturing the student’s passion to serve the church or industry with Christian character. The student will gain an introductory knowledge of current technology, recording techniques, and music production skills. Music Production students will have an opportunity to engineer student recordings and live sound settings of Visible Music College. Skills and knowledge acquired in the program equip students to work as producers and engineers, and focuses on using industry-standard programs Logic and Pro Tools.

Upon graduation, the student will:

  • be prepared to find gainful employment in churches, studios, and live sound venues;
  • have an understanding of how the mechanics of sound apply to modern recording techniques and live sound reinforcement.

Music Production Certificate