Visible Music College was launched in 2000 with the vision of creating a biblical community of creative Christians growing in skill and character. We started in a humble metal building in Lakeland, Tennessee with a design years in the making on the road and in the studio with Skillet and in the halls of academia in Dr. Ken’s masters program. We visited other schools and met many wonderful people on the way to launching that year and have seen so much fantastic music ministry for 25 years in 2025.

This is the basis for the celebration of Visible25

  • Events coming in 2023, 2024, and 2025.
  • Large campaign for “Debt-free Visible” in 2023.
  • Exciting concert series in 2024.
  • Party like it’s 2025 in 2025!

We are proud of the accomplishment of Visible Music College in Memphis and the world since 2000.

Guided by God for a quarter century.

A thousand students with thousands of creative ideas.

Three campuses in Memphis over the 25 years and three other cities served. 

Global students from 50 states and 30 countries.

Graduates with certificates, bachelor degrees, and masters.

Twenty five years of prayer, music, tours, recordings, services, ministry, worship, video, business, and community.

We are Visible. We are grateful to our supporters and we are proud of God;s work in and through us.