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Common Questions About a Music Business Degree

A music business degree can cause some confusion for some who are interested in some kind of career in music. 


The folks at LedgerNote say that a music business degree is the ticket to the big leagues. This isn’t always the case, but it certainly makes sense if you need a competitive edge. Others wonder if a music business degree is a good idea or is a music major even worth it


We summarize some of the most important questions you might have to help in your research for not only the right school but the right major for you to study.

What is a Music Business Degree?

A music business degree is a degree in business. 


Some Common Misconceptions

It is very important to understand that it is a business degree with an emphasis in the music industry


Many think that it is a music degree with business thrown in, but it also is not a music business degree specific only to the music business. This is a business degree where we apply the information that goes across all genres, categories, market places of business and we apply it to all the music industry.


What are Some Careers in Music Business?

music business career as festival manager


Some notable and popular careers in music business are personal managers, music publishers, festival directors and social media marketing strategists.


Get a full list of our top picks for music business careers with descriptive profiles of each.


How Much Musical Background Do I Need?

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You really don’t need a background in music to pursue a career in the music industry. You just need to have a love for music or at least have interests in music.

How Important are Internships?

music business internship career


Internships are going to be the most important thing you will do in school.




Because the most important thing when pursuing a career in music business is your network


This is even more important than any piece of knowledge, memorizing copyright laws, or learning any of the marketing P’s when in school. Internships are important because they help you build your network and this is how you will get a job.


There is nothing at this point that you will learn in music business school that you cannot go out and research on Youtube. However the advantage of going to a university is they teach you how to apply that information properly


Youtube can’t teach you how to wisely discern when and where to apply information, they just simply give you information. Also, your network you build while you’re in school is going to help your career.

What Kind of Classes Are Standard?

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As Freshmen

When students enter as freshman, standard introductory classes are Introduction to Music Business and Project Management courses. 


As Sophomores

As sophomores, students learn principles in management, marketing, public relations, business laws and economics. 


As Juniors

Junior year students will focus on business administration, operations, and promotional strategies. 


As Seniors

By senior year, students then will usually dive into the entrepreneurial side of business and their classes will mainly focus on leadership, marketing, and finance.

What are the Different Types of Degrees Awarded?

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Depending on the type of college or university, music business and music industry majors are likely to find themselves getting BS or BBA degrees


Bachelor of Science (BS)

This degree is offered at some schools where the emphasis is more business-oriented. Examples include BS in music management or music business.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 

This degree entails that upon graduation students will know how businesses operate and develop skills in communication and business decision-making. 


Examples include BBA in music business with emphasis in leadership, marketing, or financial accounting. Also consider this – if you’re in a season of life where attending class on campus isn’t possible, you can look into getting a music business degree online.

What is the Expected Cost of Education?


The expected cost of attending college for a music business degree can vary from school to school and from location to location.


The tuition can round up to more than $30,000 but can vary widely based on the institutions and whether they’re a private or public university. 

How Should I Choose the Right Program?



In order to choose the right program, you will have to look at what interests you and where your talents lie. 


One of the great mistakes that are made is that we can do what we want to do, but we must know what we are really good at. 


It is a marriage of your desires and passion along with what your talents are. In order to choose the right program, it may be best to make a list of 5 things you’re passionate about and what you’re good at naturally then to see where they align.


Maybe for you it’s about combining your talent in business and a passion for God. If so, you might want to learn the biblical approach to putting ministry and music business together

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