Campus safety at Visible Music College is our top priority. We have implemented a number of provisions to promote the safety of students and staff (includes faculty) year-round on campus. We are continually evaluating the following safety policy and adding updates as needed.


Downtown Memphis

Visible Music College’s Memphis campus is located in Downtown Memphis. Its ZIP code 38103 is reported as the safest ZIP code in the city.


However, as a precaution, safety is always top of mind, beginning with our students.

  • All students undergo safety training during Student Orientation.
  • As part of the training, students are informed of the policies in place that they must adhere to regarding student conduct when they’re on or off campus.


Christian Community

As a Christian college, we promote a strong community of support and protection for one another.

  • Visible employs Resident Advisors and Operations staff who live on campus.
  • We conduct background checks on all Student Housing residents, staff and rental guests.
  • All staff are trained in basic situational assessment, and they can provide referrals for professional help.
  • Visible Music College has an agreement with local Christian counselors for students’ emotional support and safety, upon request.


Staff, Student, and Tenant Conduct Policies

The following guidelines are enforced every day on campus.

  • All residents in Student Housing must abide by the curfew.
  • Visitors entering Student Housing must be approved.
  • All Student Studios (rooms) are equipped with locks.
  • No weapons are allowed on any part of campus, except by licensed, bonded and contracted security companies.
  • The following rules are in place to ensure the safety and accountability of all students:
    • When visiting another student’s room, the door must remain propped open.
    • Room inspections are conducted regularly to ensure no contraband or dangerous equipment are inside rooms.
  • All tenants are held responsible for their guests following all safety policies.


Campus Facility

We have several protocols in place throughout campus grounds.

  • All Front Desk staff must undergo Safety Training, which includes:
    • Check-in / check-out procedures that require guests to sign in with their name, share the purpose of their visit and announce who on campus they’re visiting.
    • A list of emergency contacts for all members of the school.
    • Building safety procedures.
    • Appropriate responses depending on the situation.
  • All of Visible’s Memphis campus interior and exterior are monitored by cameras.
  • Handicap access is available to enter the main building. There are three accessible rooms in the Student Studios.
  • Campus elevators are up to code with an emergency phone system in place.
  • The education building and Student Studios housing have managed access with:
    • Magnetic locks on entry doors for both campus buildings.
    • A strict ID badge protocol and identity requirements.


Fire Safety

Fire safety is a daily priority for our campus.

  • We conduct regular fire drills and require all staff and students to participate.
  • Evacuation signs are located throughout each floor.
  • A staff member per floor is assigned and trained to assist in an evacuation.
  • All safety protocols (building code, fire suppression, etc.) are met according to code:
    • Smoke detectors are appropriately located throughout campus and studios.
    • Fire extinguishers are located on each floor.
    • A fully operating automated sprinkler system throughout the main building and studios.
    • We conduct regular inspections and tests for all equipment listed above.


Personal Property

The following precautions are in place to protect personal property of all students and staff (includes faculty).

  • Students have access to a personal storage locker to house their instruments.
  • Live security cameras are located throughout the interior and exterior of the campus building.



In the case of an emergency:

  • We provide regular emergency/CPR training for all staff.
  • All staff undergo Active Shooter training, which includes training on appropriate response and action.
  • In the case of an active shooter, all classroom doors are equipped with emergency locks inside.



  • All staff can receive reports and are trained to respond. 
  • Visible Music College has a Title IX Coordinator on site to review any reported incidents.
  • All staff receive regular Title IX training and are up-to-date on relevant changes.