Student Life

The Visible Community

Transformational, relational ministry is how we describe our being together.
Staff and students, as Christians, growing and leaning into God, celebrating the truth of the Bible, and walking in the presence of God by the power of the Holy Spirit.
We encourage one another in worship, study, discipleship, and community daily.


Student-led worship is held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the Ann and Jim Vining Concert Hall from 1100 to 1200. We enjoy a time of college fellowship, devoted praise, guest or staff speakers, and intimate worship of God in a safe but “visible” space. We invite the public to participate with us in these meetings as they chose to attend with a Visible community member – just call 901.381.3939 and ask!


The Student Government Association exists to plan and organize student activities, to effectively encourage and build up the community of students, and to properly process and execute student needs and requests. Our primary role is service. We serve our peers, the administration and faculty, and ultimately God. Purpose Assist Visible Music College with its stated purposes Promote unity among faculty, staff, administration, and students Meet needs and hear desires of the student body Organize and facilitate social events and functions to develop unity within the community. This is accomplished in conjunction with the Office of Student Development. Grow the community in spiritual development through prayer, book studies, and other various ways. Provide students a safe arena to communicate ideas, concerns, etc. to the staff. Further purposes will be developed as the need arises through student and staff input.
For full details on all student life policies, you can download the latest 2019-2020 Student Handbook

Student Worship 

Worship Leadership students are central and vital to the busy campus of music, business, and production. The entire Worship Leadership program, with amazing faculty and all staff participation, guides the campus toward spiritual growth, musical praise, and intimate moments in the presence of God, together.

A vibrant, worship-centered spiritual life for students and staff is at the core of Visible Music College. Prayer, scripture, community – all in relationship to one another and to God. Drawing upon the college-wide concept of Spiritual-Professional-Academic, worship is paramount in campus life and happens in every setting: classroom, gathered twice weekly, student housing, in the city, on the stage. Worship is life at Visible.

Beyond the gathered worship times, which are mostly student-led, the academic program is full of classroom instruction in theology, spiritual disciplines, and discipleship training – for the church and beyond the church. Pastoral meetings are commonplace on campus, we gather twice weekly as an entire college for corporate worship, the staff gathers daily for prayer, and students hourly for the study of the Word.

In-Person or Online – You Choose!