Creative. Christian. College.

Visible’s staff are passionate followers of Jesus, who have followed the calling to pour into students and see them become the next generation of leaders, music ministers, creative professionals, and world-changers!


Ken Steorts_Faculty_426

Dr. Ken Steorts

Cathi Johnson_Faculty_426

Cathi Johnson

Director of Development
J. Isaac Harper_Faculty_426

J. Isaac Harper

Executive Assistant; Operational Support; MEM Campus Lead
Crystal Bergman_Faculty_426

Crystal Bergman

Operations Manager of Madison Line Records; ATA Campus Lead
Erin Moorman_Faculty_426

Erin Moorman

Assistant to the Operations Manager, Madison Line Records


Ken Steorts_Faculty_426

Dr. Ken Steorts

Interim Vice President of Students
Jeremy Louison_Faculty_426

Jeremy Louison

Director of Students
Lauren Thomas_Faculty_426

Lauren Thomas

Housing Coordinator
No Photo_Faculty_426

Lacy Blonn


Ben Rawley_Faculty_426

Ben Rawley

Vice President of Business

Toni Melton

Director of Business
Tonya Williams_Faculty_426

Tonya Williams

Financial Aid Manager
Blaire Sherman_Faculty_426

Blaire Sherman

Accounts Manager
Heath Benson_Faculty_426

Heath Benson

Operations Manager; IT Manager


Dr Cam Harvey_Faculty_426

Dr. Cameron Harvey

Vice President of Academics
Sunethra Guy_Faculty_426

Sunethra L. Guy

Director of Academic Affairs
Sarah Harper_Faculty_426

Dr. Sarah Harper

Director of Academic Programs
Simon Alexander_Faculty_426

Simon Alexander

Modern Music Department Chair

Tommy Lozure

Music Production Chair
Matt Coss_Faculty_426

Matt Coss

Creative Leadership Department Chair
Dr Jason Lee McKinney_Faculty_426

Dr. Jason Lee McKinney

Music Business Chair; Director of Masters of Arts in Leadership
Brittany Janiszewski_Faculty_426

Brittany Janiszewski

Co-Director, Master of Arts in Worship; Academic Innovation Specialist
Kathleen Schuler_Faculty_426

Kathleen Schuler

Director of Störling Conservatory of Dance; KAN Campus Lead
Troy Miller_Faculty_426

Troy Miller

Director of Distance Education; Director of General Education; ONL Campus Lead
Lisa McDonald_Faculty_426

Lisa McDonald

Librarian; Assistant Registrar

Jonathan JP Parker

Music Production Instructor; Director of Operations; CHI Campus Lead
Bryan Hayes_Faculty_426

Bryan Hayes

Music Production Instructor
Chris Curry_Faculty_426

Chris Curry

Music Production Instructor
Kyle Holder_Faculty_426

Kyle Holder

Certificate Program Coordinator
Austin Black_Faculty_426

Austin Black

Songwriting Division Head; Community Communications Coordinator
Korey Hicks_Faculty_426

Korey Hicks

Guitar Division Head; Theory Division Head; DAL Campus Lead
Aaron Harris_Faculty_426

Aaron Harris

Guitar Division Instructor
Mich Polan Jr_Faculty_426

Michael (Mich) Polan Jr.

Drum Division Head; DAL Student Life Coordinator
Dickson Alier Jr_Faculty_426

Dickson Alier Jr.

Adjunct Drum Instructor; Admissions Counselor
Jon Paul Lewis Smith_Faculty_426

Jon Paul Lewis Smith

Keyboard Division Head
No Photo_Faculty_426

Dr. Andrew Harper

Vocal Division Head
Tony Powell_Faculty_426

Anthony Powell

Adjunct Professor, Vocal; Visible Community Music School
Aryn Calhoun_Faculty_426

Aryn Calhoun

Adjunct Professor, Songwriting, Vocal

John H. Johnson

Worship Leadership Division Head
Carol Davis_Faculty_426

Carol Davis

Worship Leadership Division Assistant
No Photo_Faculty_426

Chris Burgio

Onboarding Specialist
Allan Black_Faculty_426

Allan Black

Operations Assistant


Heather Isaac_Faculty_426

Heather Isaac

VP of Marketing
Aniseya Freeman_Faculty_426

Aniseya Freeman

Content Creator
No Photo_Faculty_426

Rachel Bennett

Daniel McGarry_Faculty_426

Daniel McGarry

Christine Simpson_Faculty_426

Christine Simpson

Krista Tolbert_Faculty_426

Krista Tolbert

Admissions Counselor
Dickson Alier Jr_Faculty_426

Dickson Alier