Bethel Conservatory of the Arts exists to train and equip professional actors, dancers, filmmakers, music composers, and screenwriters through fully accredited programs.

• Bachelor of Arts in Acting
• Certificate in Film & New Media
• Certificate in Acting
• Certificate in Dance

Störling Conservatory of Dance was designed to equip professional dancers to realize the gifts and full potential God created in them as an Artist when He spoke dance into their destiny.

• Bachelor of Arts in Dance

We set out to build a faith-based tech school — the first of its kind — that would equip believers with the most in-demand and hirable technology skills.

• UI/UX Design
• Full-Stack Development
• Data Science

Ocean’s Edge University is an innovative, higher education experience where students can pursue their degree in the context of a local church community.

• Bachelor of Arts in Modern Music
• Bachelor of Arts in Music Production
• Bachelor of Arts in Creative Leadership

Zschool collaborates with leading universities and corporations to coordinate, develop, refine, market, and facilitate exceptional executive and business education. They combine the academic rigor of a university with the real world practicality necessary to generate a return on investment.

Courses offered in partnership with Visible Music College:

• Customer Experience Program
• Women in Leadership Program