Study Creative Leadership Online

The Visible Online Campus will allow you to start AND finish your degree online.

Creative leaders are needed to bring creativity and innovation in ministry and industries for music and business.  

An online Creative Leadership degree can provide you with the training and skills necessary to thrive in any business, organization or church that needs innovative and theologically sound leaders.

Tuition & Fees

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Creative Leadership Online Certificate

Creative leadership certificates like the one from Visible will help you develop your creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and media skills so that you can be an influential artist in this time where we need creative thinkers most!


Learn more about admissions and audition requirements for a Certification in Creative Leadership.

Creative Leadership Online Bachelor’s Degree

Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Leadership will make you an innovative, well-rounded leader who is spiritually and emotionally healthy. You’ll have the skills to create creative communities in both church or industry settings!


Learn more about admissions and audition requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Leadership.

Creative Leadership Online Master’s Degree

The Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL) program is designed to produce leaders who can transform organizations and inspire lasting change in various professional settings.


Learn more about admissions and audition requirements for a Master of Arts in Leadership.

What Can I Do With A Creative Leadership Degree?

With a degree in Creative leadership, you can pursue a career in many different fields in both the church and in careers outside of traditional ministry.  A few examples of potential career paths include:


  • Teaching Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Worship Team Pastor
  • Family Pastor
  • Children’s Pastor
  • Media Team Pastor
  • Road Pastor for Bands
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Missions Coordinator

Creative Leadership For Ministry

Develop ministry styles and models with a strong emphasis on biblical and leadership training.


Get equipped as a leader for:

  • Building teams
  • Pastoring
  • Teaching
  • Traveling ministry
  • Other related ministry work within the church. 


Creative Christians need Christian leaders who will be creative for the future of the Church. You can jump right into ministry and real world creative leadership training with Visible Online Campus.


Live-via-Zoom courses happen alongside students and leaders from across the world! Your home church can be the setting and partner for homework and mentorship. Learn the depth of God’s word while engaging emerging artists, local church ministries, and international church movements.


Visible provides opportunities for internships, real-world care for real ministries, and support for movements of God within the orthodox Christian church. All of this changes the world and reaches millions. Go deep now with Visible Online Campus. Focus on serving the Church and the creatives within!

Creative Leadership For Content Creation

Prepare for a career in: 

  • Graphic Design
  • Film Production
  • Web Design
  • Other media-based technologies for the church and the industry

The future belongs to the strongest media message. You are capable of making powerful films, developing creative podcasts, engaging YouTube channels, and creating church media with excellence, depth, and higher purpose!

Visible Online Campus gives you the best of all worlds — local church engagement with global opportunities to work and create the content of your heart, God’s word, and the culture around you. All of this while impacting diverse audiences through technology, messaging, and media. In partnership with numerous schools, megachurches, film studios, and ministries.

Visible Online Campus gives you the opportunity to create and grow together in live classes via Zoom classrooms and local mentors. Focus on media content and message!