Can You Get A Music Degree Online?

The Visible Online Campus will allow you to start AND finish your degree online.

Getting an online music degree is perfect for those who do not have the ability to travel, live, and attend one of our many campuses and partnerships across the USA or world in person.

Visible Online Campus partners with churches globally to inspire and equip you in your educational journey towards a career and ministry.

Online Degree Options

Benefits of an Online Music Degree

  • Significantly less than campus tuition cost
  • Live online instruction
  • Flexibility

Music Degree Areas of Focus

Modern Music

Worship and Perform with Excellence! 

Train to become a professional musician with an online music degree. 

Imagine really getting to work and studying modern music from your own home and church – blasting through content and growing in skill! With courses taught live via Zoom and local mentors in your church, you can! 


Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keys, and all instruments, taught by active professionals who are committed Christians, who understand your creative world, and who bring you the experience, guidance, and encouragement you need. 

Join a Visible Online Campus class of a dozen other aspiring artists, songwriters, worship leaders, and musicians in a hybrid home/church/school program unique in the world and powerfully creative.


Focus on Instrumental, Vocal, Songwriting, or Worship Leadership.

Online Certificate in Modern Music

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Music



Music Business

Let’s get to work!

The music industry is evolving at a faster rate than ever in the past five years. 

Everything is planned, organized, managed, and created across dozens of platforms with a team of people helping artists new and old create and optimize opportunities together. 

Visible’s online music degree in Music Business allows students with a passion for management, new business ideas, artist care, and developing future industry to arrive at the destination while starting from home and church. 


Focus on Leadership, Marketing, or Finance.

Qualified, experienced, Christian faculty guide students through a system of experiential training, opportunities in the local area and on our campuses remotely, and in the major music centers of the world, with mentorship, internships, live classes via Zoom, and a lot of fun within the systems of industry and opportunity to break through with entrepreneurial excellence. 


Online Certificate in Music Business

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business



Music Production

Make the Sounds Happen with Confidence!

Every techie student who runs the sound board, makes beats, and records music needs a place to create. How about you study audio and technology from your home and church! 

Visible’s online music degree for Music Production brings the producer/audio tech support to you to make a safe hybrid option possible for you in your home studio and church live space. 


Focus on Studio Recording, Live Audio, and Music Composition.

Taught online, live via Zoom and with local mentors, you gain knowledge and experience in Visible’s practical, internship-based model for coursework and credible training while staying in your hometown and church. Committed Christian faculty, latest technology, working across the internet, and gaining real-world experience is what you get at Visible. 


Online Certificate in Music Production

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production

Tuition & Fees

Financial Aid & Scholarships