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Importance of Rest in Christ


No misspelling here – Oktober-rest is our annual day out with staff and students having fun, worshipping, and eating bad together. Oktoberest.

Part of being a musician and creative person is to maintain energy for making art while not being lazy and then finding time to recuperate from public performances to a point where you are revitalized for creation process. Each of the stages can be overwhelming and easy to be out of sync with as the process flows project to project. We see this also in college students and the ebb and flow of semesters and papers and projects and not spending smart restful time in community. Rest can be planned and helpful or send you off track.

We plan this to be an impactful moment at Visible Music College.

Jeremy Louison, Director of Students, shared his perspective this year, saying, “Oktoberest was a wonderful time to simply have fun in Christ. Many times as we believers we forget that serving Christ has its challenges, but he prepares spaces for us to enjoy Him and being in community. This Oktoberest our prayer was that our posture was to acknowledge Him in the JOY of our community and REST in His grace and goodness. It worked!

Rested and ready.


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