Why is Music Important? Music Makes a Man


Intended for a Greater Purpose


I didn’t think I’d ever write this blog.

Early Sunday morning, October 3, 2021 we lost bassist Drew Rainer from the Madison Line Records’ past artist Belvédère in a case of senseless gun violence at his home. Drew, 22 years old and approaching graduation from Rhodes College, loved music as a trombone player at Christian Brothers High School and as a bassist in Belvédère and other bands. He also loved music as a part of life. He was minoring in music at college. He knew the classic rock of his parents. He was intimately familiar with the music of his church.

Drew was good.

Music discipline and music emotion and music relationships and music creativity helped make Drew who he was alongside the hand of God forming him. The product of a devoted family, a strong group of friends wherever he went, and his God given nature of acceptance, eagerness, positivity, and openness, Drew was a light to others. Drew will be remembered and missed greatly in my life forever, and in the lives of so many others who will miss his ready smile, awkward wonderfulness, light countenance, and musical spirit.

Drew leaves this world into the continued presence of God, leaving us with even a little more pain – reminding us, through a song perhaps, that we are intended for a greater purpose. Music is important.


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