Music is Important When We Light the Way Together

Light the Way Music Festival is coming to Memphis June 15-16, 2023. That is good news.
Every now and then, an idea comes to fruition. That’s right, it’s rare. We have so many ideas every day, can you imagine if they all happened? It would be a crazy world and we’d never get anything done because all would be new daily. Some ideas break through and enough people say yes and believe and the world is changed and people come together. The team that came together to pull of Light the Way Festival in Olive Branch, Mississippi is amazing!
Some ideas are ripe for goodness.
When our ideas serve other people, they seem to take on new meaning than just a good time or a fun concert. @visiblemc joined with Light the Way Ministries to bring this festival to town because their heart for bringing people together is pure and good. Some great music, to be sure, but also ministry to those who come and to those in need in the community around Olive Branch, which is in northwest Mississippi outside of Memphis, Tennessee. With a solid lineup of seasoned and new artists, and some lovely June Memphis weather in hope, the idea of a Christian music festival in the Mid-South has arrived, after decades of desire by many people. The togetherness I hope we see can last all year if we do it right, invite and attend, bring folks together from church and outside the church, and remember that music is important when we are lighting the way to Jesus.
Hopefully this is event one of many here.
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