Music College Should Include Music Industry Activities

College is often criticized for just being about the classroom.
College used to be a known quantity – professors gave lectures in the classroom and courses offered a clear path to the accumulation of a body of knowledge for the purpose of becoming an expert in a field of service and moving the student towards a life of service in that field of study. Grades were taken according to the level of ability to accumulate that knowledge for the chosen field and graduation meant the student was ready to begin work in the field with all the knowledge obtained therein. People accepted the four year (or more) discipline it took to arrive at a nearly certain destination and those that focused on the process made the grade (literally) and were successful.
Everyone now looks for shortcuts, YT videos, somebody’s brother’s nephew who owns a studio, or an easy contest to win and be famous. Not so fast.
Or, really, too fast. What it really takes to be successful (in a good way) in the music industry or large music ministry is focus. Those people who can submit to a process, allow the growth to come with slow purpose, and concentrate on small steps leading to big opportunities might have a chance to make a living from creative works in music. Some may burn bright and quick but often fail eventually due to lack of focus and support for development.
Visible Music College inspires and equips students by making a pathway of process and focus that results in job offers and bands and a few dollars along the way with fewer “hard knocks”. We do the things that you will be doing alone after college, together. We work alongside the other trades within the school in the context of bands and studio and video and gain knowledge with experience simultaneously. Bring your YT video knowledge into the classroom, adjust your expectations, and let’s do festivals, and tours, and records, and podcasts with excellence and success!
Bring your focus, aim your arrow, and let yourself fly – with real experience while in college.
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