In the heart of one of the Top 15 Emerging Downtowns in the U.S., you can hop on the trolley and head straight to Beale Street where blues and rock n’ roll were born. Live in the upscale student housing across the street, and open your window to the Memphis skyline and AutoZone Park.


Student Housing

In Memphis, a new, modern Student Housing building was opened in August 2017 with two students sharing a Student Studio apartment. Each apartment is furnished with twin beds, a refrigerator, a washer/dryer, and a personal bathroom with a shower. Community facilities are conveniently located throughout the complex. Cars are not needed–the housing is on the main campus and downtown Memphis is near and accessible.
Like everything at Visible Music College, the student housing experience will most surely be unlike what you find at other colleges.

What should I expect in my room?

  • Small laundry machine (washer/dryer combo) in your room.
  • Two beds (available to bunk together or have separate).
  • Appliance – Small refrigerator (with counter space for you to bring a microwave and/or hotplate).
  • A roommate!
  • On-suite bathroom with shower & toilet

Where can I do all my baking and cooking?

  • Each room will have a fridge and food prep space
  • The first-floor cafe offers a full-size convection oven for student use during cafe hours a most evenings.

What else should I know about the Student Studios?

  • Reliable, high-speed internet connection to the school system
  • Special after-hour access to campus amenities (study, rehearse, record, practice) for Housing Students only
  • Extra study spaces for Housing Students only
  • Cafe food is available for Housing Students only
  • Extra events and Downtown living perks for Housing Students only

Should I bring a car?

  • Visible Music College does not provide on-campus parking spaces for students, however, students are able to add a third-party parking pass to their student account.
  • It’s also easy to find a ride from someone in the Visible community if necessary.

Is there a meal plan?

  • Included in the cost of housing is access to the Visible Cafe. The Visible Cafe is our version of a meal plan. Monday through Friday we provide breakfast and lunch at our cafe.
  • Unlike normal college meal plans, the bulk of what we provide to eat are healthy options instead of fried food and sugar. We encourage healthy lifestyles through food choices that the cafe provides – it helps your brain work!

Things to do

See Graceland

Visit Shelby Farms

Reflect at National Civil Rights Museum and Lorraine Motel

Explore the Memphis Sounds of Stax Museum and Sun Studios

Walk to Beale Street

Feed the giraffes at the Memphis Zoo

Ride the Trollies

Go to a sports game: Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis Red Birds, or 901 FC

In-Person or Online – You Choose!