Thank you for your support of Visible Music College and its wide range of global, spiritual, professional, and academic programming.

All proceeds support the mission and students of Visible Music College, to train and equip musicians, technicians and business professionals in craft and Christian character, for effective service in the music industry and in the Church.  

Where does your donation go?

Beyond general giving...

You change a life when you support a scholarship.

Tuition at Visible Music College is very reasonable. At $20,000/year, it is lower than comparable music programs at large universities.

But even $20,000 can be out of reach for many families.  Parents face job losses, typical jobs for students are behind the doors of closed businesses, families are fearful.  Yet God continues to call young people to careers in music ministry, and ministry through music careers!

To help fill the funding gap, Visible offers a $5,000 scholarship package for every student in the Bachelor’s degree program!  A scholarship is no-cost to students, but it’s not free.  Support from generous individuals, foundations and corporations ensures this program can continue!

You are invited to share the journey with those God has called to Visible Music College. This internal scholarship can literally be the deciding factor in saying Yes, Lord!    

This is how you can change a life today:  Make a gift to the Scholarship Fund, where 100% of your gift is used for this purpose.  Every Bachelor’s Degree student is eligible!  Scholarships include ‘Visible Works’ service program, Academic, Talent, Artist Development, International and Community.

Your support helps every student answer God’s call on their lives! 

Thank you so much for being generous.

For more information about establishing a special scholarship in honor or memory of a loved one or family, contact Cathi Johnson at [email protected].

Finding the clear message in the midst of noise.

Our collective and individual worlds are filled with chaos, drama, highs and lows.  Noise.

Somewhere in all the noise is a thread, a hum that reaches out to us. It’s found in church hymns and special music. For some, it’s a drum beat; for others, acoustic guitar and a clear voice.  

Music is how God reaches us through all the noise.

Spreading the Gospel message once took years of travel over land and sea.

Today, in an instant, we can turn on our radio or enter into worship at church.  Here, we listen to the voice of God connecting with us through music.

The We Love Christian Music Awards show is man’s effort to increase the spread of the Good News by highlighting those God has called to this type of ministry.

And today, you’ve been moved by the spiritual depth and musical talents of these artists to come to this place to show your support.  Thank you!

Your gift today, inspired by the We Love Christian Music Awards show, and in glory and honor of God, will be used to support student scholarships* at Visible.

Every Bachelors Degree student is eligible!

Scholarships include ‘Visible Works’ service program, Academic, Talent, Artist Development, International and Community.

Your gift today is the gift of a future, the gift of a calling, the gift of a lifeline.

Thank you so much for being generous.

*A gift or pledge of $5,000 qualifies for a Named Scholar, a special fund named in honor or memory of a loved one or family.  For more information, contact Cathi Johnson at [email protected].

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