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Where Will Your Support Gift Go?

About Visible 25

Visible25 is a campaign of celebration for 25 years of ministry to creative Christians at Visible Music College – 200+ music contracts signed, 500+ degrees conferred, 1,000+ students served, 2,000+ worship services held, 3,000+ hours of staff prayers, 4,000+ new songs, 5,000+ hours of scheduled band rehearsals, 10,000+ photos and videos, 50,000+ music lessons, and immeasurable time, energy, and love spent on creativity around God the Creator, God the Holy Spirit, and worship of Jesus through word, prayer, and music!

YOU can be a part of the story of Visible25!

Scholarship Fund

You change a life when you support a scholarship.

Tuition at Visible Music College is lower than comparable music programs at universities, but tuition at any level can be out of reach for many families. A scholarship can change a student’s life, turning a dejected “Not possible” into an enthusiastic “Yes”!

To help fill the funding gap, Visible offers institutional scholarships for those who qualify.  A scholarship reduces cost to students, but it is not free. Support from generous individuals, foundations and corporations ensures this program can continue.

God continues to call young people to careers in music ministry, and ministry through music careers! You are invited to share in this journey and change a life today through giving to our Scholarship Fund.

Thank you for being generous.

For more information about how you can establish a special “Named Scholar” fund in honor or memory of a loved one, please contact Ken Steorts, 901.210.5363 or [email protected]. See our Named Scholars page for ideas.

Named Scholar Fund

Scholarships are a gift of opportunity from generous people to a deserving student. A “Named Scholar Award” gives a significant amount of scholarship support to an aligned student with a significant cause attached. Named Scholar Awards (NSA) contribute to the institutional scholarship that Visible provides while expanding the opportunities for certain majors or people groups positively.

For instance, an NSA can be given for worship leadership students, or students from Memphis, or female songwriters, or any number of designated purposes for supporting the type of student success you are passionate about. These gifted NSA opportunities are also often named after a person or entity who cares about the aligned purpose of the award, like the Ken Steorts Songwriting Award which was designated for the leader of the Ocean’s Edge Collective band in 2022.

Contact Dr. Ken Steorts at [email protected] or 901.210.5363 for a discussion.

Endowment Fund

Some supporters recognize that a long term, often larger gift to a fund for an endowment is the way to ensure the years of educational ministry for Visible Music College and they understand that the stability of a college is bolstered by these long term gifts to the Visible Endowment Fund. We welcome contributions to the Endowment Fund and can often find matching gifts for this support.

We focus every endowment gift, be it real estate, cash, investment shares, or insurance policies benefits, on scholarship fund expansion for student success and lower debt as a provision for graduates through the generosity of long time or large gift donors to Visible. Gains from management of the Endowment Fund go to provide opportunity and access for lower income students and those with exceptional talent or academic scores.

Contact Dr. Ken Steorts at [email protected] or 901.210.5363 for a discussion.


Large and small events throughout each year help to expand the audience for Visible Music College and often support opportunities arise at these events.

We have three types of events that might be interesting for supporters to consider funding.

  1. We have our regular large events annually, from VisibleFest to Visible Christmas to We Love Christian Music Awards show, which are great opportunities to support local music college training.
  2. Secondly, we have smaller regular events throughout the year that are attended by families, students, staff, and supporters in recognition of the hard work of the students and student bands. IndieVisible on Thursday nights, conferences, concerts, etc.
  3. Lastly, we have special events with speakers to bring in and bless the students with content. The Visible Board of Trustees and Advisory Board members brought in Matt Greiner for a Drummer Master Class in 2022!

Contact Dr. Ken Steorts at [email protected] or 901.210.5363 for a discussion.

Give25 Alumni Fund

You are invited to be a Crew Member of the Give 25 Campaign opening!


Our plan is simple and effective:

Visible25 Financial Goal: $25,000


Alumni Participants: $25/month x 100

Awesome Outcome: Crucial student scholarship support for 2025

100% of your monthly gifts support new students!

You are a part of Visible’s story. Although the journeys of each of your fellow alumni evolved differently, through career goals, meeting spouses, strengthening faith, understanding true community and so many other discoveries, the journey had value.


As God called you, God continues to call young people to Visible. And they need your help!

Please make your commitment today – $25/month (or more) – to partner with students who are on their own journey, following in your footsteps.

Because you are Visible.


Choose your monthly commitment:

  • $25 Break a Leg
  • $50 Drop the Mic 
  • $100 Standing Ovation

Meet Devin

He’s a creative Christian who grew up in the church. After high school, Devin attended the University of Memphis, but had a hard time fitting into the classroom mold and left with a 1.7 GPA. At Visible, he enrolled in the one-year certificate program, got his footing, and felt God calling him to do more.

Gifts from people like you provided scholarship support that enabled Devin to enroll in the bachelor’s degree program. Today, Devin is the student body president, a Wilson Scholar, and just released his second single, Blue Moon, which he wrote, performed, produced, and dropped himself!

Mailing a Physical Check?

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