Can I choose more than one program or instrument?

Students are required to declare a single program. Students can add a minor, though it will add approximately 18 credit hours to their course of study. Music students are required to declare a primary instrument. 

Private lessons may be available on instruments beyond that of your primary instrument. These lessons are available provided the student is progressing sufficiently in their primary instrument. 

The workload for each major is heavy, so consideration of minors or extra lessons will have to be approved through your advisor and the VP of Academics.

What are the audition criteria for Visible?

Please check out audition requirements page for these details. 

What are the admissions criteria for Visible?

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale).

Students under 24 must have an ACT score of 18 or higher, or old SAT combined score of 940 or higher, or 1020 or higher on the new SAT, unless student has previous college credit (6 credit hours minimum).

The ACT or SAT test must have been taken within 5 years of the academic term for which the student is applying.

A professed Christian faith

Will Visible Music College help me to get into the Christian Music Industry?

Possibly. Visible Music College will prepare you to work towards a sustainable and successful music ministry or career within the church or the music industry. 

Students, through auditions, internships, and taking advantage of opportunities while in school, may have opportunity to tour with a band, work in the office of a booking agency, or intern in Memphis, Chicago, Dallas or another city or country before and after graduation. 

Since the music business and work in the church is handled in so many different ways, our primary concern is to equip students to develop as great artists, musicians, producers, managers, and worshippers no matter their situation. 

A big part of college is the finding of one’s calling and preparing to be a leader in the world. Opportunities arise out of God’s timing, hard work, prayer, purpose, and Godly counsel. We believe Visible Music College will help equip you for your heart’s desire in effective ministry, whatever form that takes.

Do I need a laptop?

Yes. Because of the integration of computers into the curriculum at Visible Music College, we do require all full-time students to have an Apple laptop.

Part-time students should check with their instructor prior to registering for a class to find out the computer requirements for that particular class.

Why do I have to use a Mac? I prefer to use a PC.

As a college focused on training people to enter the music industry. We feel it necessary to train on the same tools used most commonly by the music industry. So when a student graduates, they are well-versed in the “tools of the trade.”

By having a single computing platform on campus we have been able to integrate much more technology and hands-on training into our curriculum then we could have from a multi-platform campus.

We hope that our students see this while they are here and come to enjoy using their Mac as much as their PC.

If my laptop is broken and requires repair, is a loaner computer available?

We do not guarantee extra laptops available for students to use while their laptop is being repaired.


What specs are required for the laptop I need to buy?

At Visible Music College, all of your textbooks and software will be provided to you once you become a student. However, we do require all students to bring their own laptops.

Be sure to read the specifications below very carefully, making sure that you’re purchasing/bringing the correct laptop specific to your major. If you have any questions regarding your laptop configuration, please contact Heath Benson, [email protected].


NOTE: A Mac is required for MP students as Logic is Mac-only software and the industry is mostly Mac-based

Mac – Music Production (MP) Minimum Requirements

macOS 10.12.6 or later
16GB of RAM (Pro Tools Requirement) Minimum 1280 Horizontal Monitor Resolution Intel i5 processor
Minimum 256GB of storage
2 USB ports (Adapter needed for USB-C devices)


Mac (recommended) – Minimum Requirements

macOS 10.12.6 or later
8GB of RAM (16GB recommended)
Minimum 1280 Horizontal Monitor Resolution Intel i5 processor
Minimum 128GB of storage
2 USB ports (Adapter needed for USB-C devices)

PC – Minimum Requirements

Windows 10
Intel i5 processor
8GB of RAM
Minimum 1280 Horizontal Monitor Resolution Minimum 128GB of storage
2 USB ports

Additional Requirements:

Webcam/Mic for Zoom meetings (if MAC/PC doesn’t already have one built-in) USB Flash Drive


All MAL (Master’s students) need to have a computer that can handle the following programs:

Lighting design apps Mac computer preferred

If I switch majors can I switch software packages through the school?

Sorry, but this option is not available. All software purchases are non-refundable. All software purchased as part of a laptop package through Visible Music College is owned solely by the student.

If you decide to switch majors after enrolling you will be responsible to make sure you purchase the correct software before classes begin.

How do I raise monetary support from my home church?

Begin by expressing your ministry desires. Many people just need to know your heart. They have already seen your budding gift and would love to contribute to God’s work in you.

Talk to someone in leadership in your church about options to let the congregation know about your ministry plans and for help raising support.

Will I be able to work outside of school?

You can work part time. We strongly recommend that students not work more than 20 hours a week.

We ask that students carefully budget their time in order to devote the needed amount of attention to homework and personal practice time.

What financial aid options are available at Visible Music College?

There are various options of Financial Aid available for those who qualify.

Go to the Financial Aid page for more information and how to apply.

Is there a dress code?

We do not have an official dress code, however we do encourage modest clothes for all students. Please see the Visible Music College Student Handbook for more information.

Is Visible affiliated with one denomination?

No. Visible Music College is an interdenominational college. Our students as well as our staff come from many different denominations. Our Statement of Faith is conservative and evangelical.

How do I plan a visit to Visible Music College?

We love to have visitors. We have designated events during which you can meet with staff and students and check out some classes.

Or if you will be in the area during a time when we do not have events scheduled, contact us and we’ll schedule a tour for you.

Contact the Admissions Office to set up an appointment (901) 377-2991.

What is the average age of Visible students?

Visible Music College students generally range from 18-29, though we have had students both older and younger than this average.

We have a great community of students including international students and married couples, even some with families.

Do I have to be a High School Graduate in order to attend Visible?

Yes and No. In order to be enrolled as a degree seeking student, you must have earned a nationally recognized accredited high school diploma or equivalent.

However, we do offer dual enrollment options for qualified high school students.

To learn more about this contact the Admissions Office.

Are meal plans available?

We have the visible Cafe with more information available in the housing FAQ

What about student housing?

Yes. We have brand new dorms on campus. Click here for the housing FAQ

What’s the status of your capital campaign? Have all of the funds been raised?

Almost. We are currently raising funds to finished the 5th floor Student Center and Library in Memphis and to continue our campus developments in Chicago and Dallas.

We are still in need of donations to reach our final goal for the capital campaign. We actively seek donations for the “Be Visible” campaign to raise money for places, people, and programs.

Can students have cars on campus?

Yes, although parking availability varies by campus.

Where do I do my laundry?

Laundry facilities are located in each building of the apartments.

Where do I get my books and supplies?

All required textbooks are issued directly to students for the semester they are needed.

Our students choose to purchase their instruments and supplies at their favorite stores, both locally and online.