Don’t wait to finish high school – start at Visible during your senior year!

High School students in their senior year may take up to 6 credits per Semester. 

Students enrolled in maximum credits for the Fall+Spring semester will receive 12 credits for $3,750.  Students will have options to continue in the next Summer semester or Fall semester if they apply and are accepted to either the Certificate Program or Bachelor’s program. All credits earned as dual enrollment count towards Visible Certificate or Bachelor’s Degree Programs. Some Dual Enrollment tracks include online classrooms where students are required to be in class via Zoom at specific times. The Music Production and General Education tracks are fully online courses, meaning that students do not have specific class meeting times to attend.

Cost is $312.50 per credit hour


Music Theory

Bachelors morning classes (via Zoom)


MUS1843: Music Theory 1 – Foundations of Music (3 Credits)

MUS1811: Aural Theory (1 Credit)

MUS1x31: Applied Lesson – Instrument (1 Credit)

MUS 1411: Piano Proficiency (1 Credit)


MUS2843: Music Theory 2 – Foundations of Music (3 Credits)

MUS2811: Aural Theory 2 (1 Credit)

MUS1x31: Applied Lesson – Instrument (1 Credit)

MUS 2411: Piano Proficiency 2 (1 Credit)

Music Production

Bachelors online classes


AUD1243: Fundamentals of Audio (3 Credits)

BUS1043: Introduction to Music Business (3 Credits)


AUD2263: Digital Audio Workstation (3 Credits)

BUS1353: Project Management (3 Credits)

> Requirements – Must have Logic Pro X and Pro Tools pro. (Can Purchase both from School for $450)

General Education

Bachelors online classes


ENG1113: English Composition 1 (3 Credits)

MTH2113: College Algebra (3 Credits)


ENG2113: English Composition 2 (3 Credits)

COM1063: Public Communication (3 Credits)

Admission Requirements

To enroll in the Dual Enrollment Program, the senior must:
  1. Complete Visible Music College’s Dual Enrollment Application
  2. Submit an unopened official high school transcript
  3. Complete an interview with the Office of Academics.
Once you graduate high school, if you wish to continue studying at Visible Music College you’ll need to complete the standard admissions requirements to become a freshman candidate.

Want to learn more about our Dual-Enrollment program or have some questions?

Meet Brittany – she’s the Dual-Enrollment Advisor and would be happy to help!

Send Brittany an email at [email protected]

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