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Education and Training for Creative Arts Pastor and Similar Roles

In today’s digital world, the Church has evolved to include so many more ministry platforms than it had in the past. A church can now minister through videos, social media, live broadcast streaming, and various other ways. Many churches even rely on technical elements to guide their worship bands each weekend.


With the rapidly changing role of technology in the Church, you can see why getting an education to become a Creative Arts Pastor would be a great idea.



      1. What Is a Creative Arts Pastor?
      2. Creative Arts and Leadership Program Overview
      3. Creative Arts and Leadership Core Classes
      4. Conclusion



What Is a Creative Arts Pastor?

Most contemporary churches have jobs that are related to Creative Arts. Some other titles you may have heard are Creative Director, Creative Pastor, Media Minister, or Worship Arts Director. If you have a gifting with technology and creative arts, pursuing an education in this area might be a way for you to serve the Church with your degree.


What Does a Creative Arts Pastor Do?

A Creative Pastor has a very important role in the church and is involved with many behind-the-scenes operations of communicating to the church and to those outside the church. A qualified Creative Pastor may be skilled in overseeing:



The Creative Director designs the flow of church services and plans the creative elements of special events. Another aspect of being equipped to become a Creative Pastor is leadership, as part of the Creative Pastor’s job is to lead team members who serve or work on the church’s creative team.


Creative Arts and Leadership Program Overview

Growing into this skill set might seem like an overwhelming task, but Visible Music College has programs to fit your unique needs. We have a curriculum and mentors to prepare you for your future role as a Creative Pastor. There are three different avenues for furthering your education in this area.


The Certificate for Creative Leadership

The Certificate for Creative Leadership program takes place over the course of four 7-week modules, for a total of 24 credit hours. Basics of Creative Leadership, and Digital Film Productions are some examples of core classes for this certificate.


The Bachelor of Arts for Creative Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts for Creative Leadership is a three-year program that includes accredited general education classes as well as focused content classes such as Introduction to Worship, Web Design, Project Management, and Creative Media Writing. It includes a professional internship that will allow you to be mentored in your area of study. The program is a total of 120 credit hours.


The Master of Arts in Creative Leadership

The Master of Arts in Creative Leadership has two trajectories—the Music Business track and the Modern Music track. There is the option of a 1-year track or a 2-year track, both including 30 credit hours. Courses for these programs include in-depth studies of Biblical Leadership, Marketing, Management, as well as Music, Media, and Technology.


Creative Arts and Leadership Core Classes

Within each of these pathways, spiritual preparation is key. We believe a Creative Pastor needs to be spiritually ready as well as educated in these areas of creative ministry. Each of our programs maintains an emphasis on Biblical leadership and your role as a minister for Christ.


With Visible’s Creative Leadership programs, students experience courses such as:


  • Theology & Media
  • Theology of the Kingdom, and
  • Story and Cinema


These courses not only prepare students for the creative industry but guide and focus their attention on the God that gifted them with the ability to create.  Visible Music College courses are hands-on and practical and allow students to experience the lesson through their own creativity as a practitioner of the arts.



If you are looking for a career in Creative Arts Ministry, Production/Video, or as a Creative or Worship Pastor, Visible Music College can help you get there.

There has never been a better time to invest in your education so that you can invest in others through your giftings. Reach out to admissions to learn about how we can equip you for a job in ministry.


Earn your degree in Christian Leadership from Visible Music College

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