5 Ways We’re Staying Safe

If you’re a student or staff member planning to be on a Visible campus this Fall, here are a few safety rules you need to know. For more detailed information, click here.

Masks up! 😷

Everyone will be required to have a mask on at all times unless seated in a classroom 6 ft apart.

6 Feet Apart  🧍↔️🧍

We will remain 6ft apart from each other, including stairways, elevators, and practice rooms.

Keep ’em Clean! 👐

We can keep the germs at bay by regularly sanitizing our hands at one of the many hand sanitizer dispensers posted around campus, or with your own personal sanitizer of choice.

Campus Clear App 📲

All staff and students will be required to complete the Campus Clear survey each day before gaining entry to any of our campuses.

Cleaning and More Cleaning 🧽 🧹

All classrooms and practice rooms will be stocked with cleaning supplies. Our goal is to individually wipe down any surface we come in contact with before we leave that space. Additionally, we will have our routine cleaning staff come through daily as well as a deep clean once a week.

Campus Clear App

More Info

We will be updating our COVID safety policies as guidance from the CDC may change.  Please see below for our full policy.

In-Person or Online – You Choose!