COVID-19 Reopening Update from Visible Music College

We’re open.

As detailed a bit in early June, Visible Music College is returning to the student housing (primarily single occupancy for Fall term), physical classrooms (distanced as appropriate), and standard schedule (through Christmas tour) for the Fall 2020 term in four of our own sites (MEM, CHI, DAL, ATA) and with 9 partner and connected teaching locations globally. As promised, here is your early July update and, as I suspected, we are still not much more informed as to what will be going on in each city as school starts this fall. We are continuing to express our message of “We’re Open” along with reasonable safety precautions and protocols in place so we can experience the blessing of community with care for our health. To that end, we also have a second message to everyone as to the continued access to Visible training via the internet in hybrid ways as we have for many years at Visible….now even expanding.

We’re online.

We love community in person. We’re built around it, we believe in it, and we are committed to safely doing that. Yet, we are very modern in our music, our career development, our global connections, and our ministry preparation. We offer a lot of content across the internet in order to accommodate touring schedules, local responsibilities, and of course various sensitivities to COVID-19 exposure. With degrees in Creative Leadership now enabling many more people (don’t have to be musicians) to be Visible students, now is a GREAT time to be at Visible for training.

We will be here on site and we will be delivering great content online too. Prepare yourself and check in with us for a great year of training….and invite friends along, because NOW is a perfect time to start or finish a certificate or degree within the Visible Community. We have some great alumni coming back, we have new Masters degrees growing, and we are open and online and Together.

-Dr. Ken Steorts