Music has a powerful way of shifting emotions within humans.  It is not simply an anomaly of notes strung together to please the ear but a powerful tool for human connection.

Sanctus Real

I spoke with the band Sanctus Real awhile back. When we think of the legendary bands that have created music, it is common for our minds to wonder how they found each
Juneteenth is a holiday that marks a pivotal point in America’s history, that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. For the first time, Visible Music College will recognize and observe Juneteenth by closing all of its campus doors the Friday before the holiday. 
Bands come together along lines of shared interest, shared loves, family, and shared desires of success. They are opportunities for growth, experience, creativity, knowledge, community, further opportunity, and notoriety. If

Song for Mom and Me

I wrote a song for my mom.  I spend a lot of time talking about music being important for bringing people together but also talk to a lot of people

Filthy Rags

The band I heard was Filthy Rags. I listened to a band this weekend that calls themselves “Filthy Rags”. It is not immediately appealing as a band name but you’d have

Shore Music

The shores were alive with the sound of music.  As a musician, I am constantly attentive to the sounds around me. Babies crying, people shuffling papers, machines whirring, HVAC running,

Beautiful Guitars Got Donated

People underestimate how cool guitars are. Think about right now. Guitars are cool but not something you think about. They are cooler than you think. Ferner Guitars do handmade amazing
When people gather, music can inspire and connect, as I’ve said many times before in reference to tropical island vacations, night clubs, and ceremonies. But music, and especially worship music

Music Through Plastic Cubes

Music still communicates through clear plastic cubicles. Many things about the past year of Covid nightmare have been challenging, but none more for the musician than live shows. At one