Basic Live Loops in Logic Pro X with Tommy Lozure

Basic Live Loops in Logic Pro X with Tommy Lozure


Unlock the mysteries of music from our Visible Vault. Check out this lesson “Live Loops in Logic Pro X” with Tommy Lozure, Music Production Division chair at Visible Music College.


Video Outline

Non-linear arranging and composition
Live performance
Compatible with all track types – audio, instrument, drummer
Syncs playback with tempo to keep everything together

Show Live Loops Grid and Show Track View buttons
No timeline

Three types
Pattern-based on the revised Step Sequencer
Populating is drag and drop
Can record into a cell

Arrangement sections
Numbered by default – can be named by right-clicking
Can move them by clicking and dragging the name

Cells and scenes can be played independently
Cells and Scenes can be queued for playback
Select the cells or scenes (hold Shift and click on them)
Queue them by right-clicking or Option-Return
Play queued cells/scenes by clicking the play button inside one of the cells or hitting Return
Stop button in the bottom right corner will clear queuing

Quantize Start:
Determines when queued cells will start playback
Can be set globally at the top right
Can be set individually for cells or scenes
Each cell has a Quantize Start indicator that looks like a clock counting down until it loops
The Global Quantize Start indicator is next to the Quantize

Recording into Cells:
Right-click and choose Record Into Cell (Option-R)
For MIDI-based tracks, you can create a MIDI Cell (Piano Roll) or Pattern Cell (Step Sequencer)
You can edit MIDI and Audio recordings in the Editor by selecting a Cell and pressing E

Recording from Live Loops to Tracks Area:
You can have both the Live Loops Area and the Tracks Area open at the same time
You can drag and drop regions/cells between them
You can record directly from Live Loops to the Tracks Area via the Enable Performance Recording button in the top left

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