Anyone who’s passionate about music wants to make it in music.  As Christians, we might wonder if there’s value in pursuing a career as a music artist. The Contemporary Christian
I never considered how to be a full-time musician as a kid, but I started playing music when I was around 10 years old and then I didn’t take it
Juneteenth is a holiday that marks a pivotal point in America’s history, that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. For the first time, Visible Music College will recognize and observe Juneteenth by closing all of its campus doors the Friday before the holiday. 
Unlock the mysteries of music from Visible Music College’s “Visible Vault”, where members of our faculty and staff share lessons in their fields of expertise. Learn to Zoom like a
Unlock the mysteries of music from our Visible Vault. Check out this lesson "How To Get Started With Your Own Podcast" with Carol Y Davis , Worship Leading Instructor at Visible Music College.
Mich Polan, Drum Division Head and Modern Music Instructor at Visible Music College Dallas, shares a lesson in “Catch Up Mode".
Terrian Bass is a Memphian who attends Visible Music College to obtain her bachelor's degree in Modern Music/Songwriting. Not only is she a full-time college student, she is currently a vocalist on tour with Toby Mac and has also recently landed herself #1 on the Christian  Billboard charts for her single "Light It Up". 
Unlock the mysteries of music from our Visible Vault. Check out this lesson “Live Loops in Logic Pro X” with Tommy Lozure, Music Production Division chair at Visible Music College.
Makenzie Harris is a sophomore at Visible Music College Dallas working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Music / Worship Leadership.
Two lifelong passions are the impetus behind the new Healy Engineering & Production Scholar award at Visible Music College in downtown Memphis