Summer 2020 Courses

All available remotely!

All courses are fully accredited and will directly count towards your Bachelor’s degree.

Financial Aid is available! If you take 6 credits or more you may be eligible to receive Federal Aid for your Summer Term.

Summer Courses

All courses below are offered remotely.
Introduction to Christian Theology guides the student through the discipline of theology with an emphasis on discipleship and the Kingdom of God. The student will learn the history and practice of thinking theologically. This course also builds upon the Biblical foundations provided by Old and New Testament Survey and provides theological skills necessary for cultural hermeneutics in Christian Perspective.
A study of the fundamentals of the music business. Topics will include an overview of history, promotion, copyrights, touring, publishing, marketing, finance, regional music scenes, and the international market.
This course introduces the student to basic grammatical writing skills (outlining, drafting, proofreading, and revising), genres (informal, business formal, and academic), and Turabian formatting. The student will improve his or her skills through multiple writing assignments.
This course continues to develop writing skills beyond the levels of proficiency required in English Composition 1, with increased emphasis on self-editing. Basic familiarity with computer word processing and file management is required. Further, this course is designed to introduce the student to a selection of classic Christian Literature.
Survey of Music History is an overview of the elements of Global, Western and Church Music. The student will strengthen critical listening skills and descriptive vocabulary while distinguishing musical style periods, comparing master composers and their masterworks, and examining society’s influence on music and the influence of music on society.

This course consists in guided instruction on topics relating to care for self, leadership development and care of others. Students will first gain a foundation in how to genuinely care for themselves.

Attention will then be given to the development of leadership skills and strengths, as well as understanding ministry and spiritual gifts.

Lastly, students will explore aspects related to the spiritual care of others. Much of the course will be practical application of the material learned in the class setting.

This course contains basic algebra concepts vital to business professionals, media professionals, and artists. Particular emphasis is placed on developing problem solving skills as related to the disciplines of the college.
Electronic Music and Technology is a course designed to give the student an understanding of electronic music production, looping, sampling, and creating tracks for use in live performance.

Acoustical physics introduces the principles of the science of sound. Concepts include the definition of sound, vibrating systems, transmission of waves, resonance, human hearing, sound pressure, pitch and timbre, musical scales, construction of musical instruments and room acoustics.

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