Music Production

Earn your degree in the field of music production from Visible Music College

Learn the techniques used to produce music in the recording studio and live sound venues.

The skills and knowledge you receive in our program will equip you to work as a producer, engineer, or create a new audio production business.

Our Music Production program will prepare you as an audio engineer or producer. You'll be ready.

This is done from a Christian perspective. Our program introduces the student to the tools and techniques used to produce music in a modern recording studios, production facilities and live sound environments while nurturing the student’s passion to serve the church or music industry with Christian character.

Our students gain an in-depth knowledge of current technology, recording techniques, and music production skills. Music Production students are responsible for engineering all student recordings. They also handle live sound at any events for Visible Music College. We focus on using industry-standard programs (Logic and ProTools).

Your Degree Plan

This is the core of our program. Everything listed below is what you will have mastered by the time you finish your degree at Visible. View the complete degree plan.

Objective: Fundamentals of Audio introduces you to the concepts and techniques used in modern audio production.

The course focuses on fundamental sound theory, analog and digital audio basics, audio equipment, and production processes.

The course also includes a substantial focus on ear training, including frequency, compression, distortion, and time modulation recognition.

Objective: This course is an introduction and survey to the business of commercial music.

This includes a study of the business systems and functional roles within the music business, the historical development of music business, specific detail of job position relationships, and the services of music related business.

Areas to be covered include Artist Management, Publishing, Venue Management, Booking, Marketing and Sales.

Objective: Introduction to Live Sound introduces you to the basics of a live sound reinforcement system and basic operation of analog and digital live sound consoles.

You will gain hands-on experience through Visible’s audio equipment, including consoles, monitors, speakers, amplifiers, and microphones.

Objective: Introduction to Recording introduces you to the equipment and techniques used in the modern recording studio.

You will gain a basic understanding of signal flow, channel strips, inputs and outputs, and various approaches to recording using analog consoles, DAWs, patchbays, studio microphones, and professional processing equipment.

Objective: Recording Techniques advances you in the current tools and techniques used to record the most common musical instruments in the modern recording studio.

You will gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience through participating in class and working on assigned audio projects in a recording studio.

Critical listening of commercial productions will be utilized for reference purposes.

Objective: Equipment Maintenance and Repair introduces you to basic electronics and walks through the basic care and troubleshooting of audio gear.

You will work with your fellow students to troubleshoot problems in Visible’s sound systems and get hands-on experience in equipment repair and basic construction projects.

Objective: Audio Production Lab allows you to apply techniques you learn in audio courses to real-world situations.

You will record and mix Visible Music College’s band songs and songwriter demos during the lab time.

You will also provide live sound support during band rehearsals, worship times, and live concerts and events.

Objective: Audio Production 2 will further expose you to the language of music as applicable to the music producer in the recording studio.

Concentration is centered on instrumentation, applied keyboard harmony, musical styles and grooves, basic arranging of song material, ear training for the record producer, production design/arrangement, and innovative production for current music.

Extensive listening assignments will be given and recordings will be made in this class.

Objective: Live Sound Mixing examines advanced techniques for live sound mixing.

Emphasis is given to advanced application of processing and mixing in different acoustic environments.

The course is practical in nature and may include events and concerts hosted at Visible Music College.

Objective: Mixing Techniques exposes you to the craft and art of mixing in the commercial studio.

The focus will be centered on mixing with Logic Pro, though techniques learned are transferable to any DAW or mixing console.

You will learn how to properly apply processing such as EQ, dynamics, and spatial effects to professional mixes.

You may be working on mixing and finishing projects/songs for Visible Music College that may be commercially released.

Objective: Audio History and Aesthetics surveys the history of audio technology and music production while engaging you in analysis and discussion of the techniques and philosophies used to create seminal and award-winning records.

You will develop an ear for different music production styles and be able to apply and adapt the techniques to your own projects.

Objective: Audio for Multimedia introduces you to the tools of audio production beyond the music studio.

Concentration is centered on radio and podcast production, basic recording for film and television, post-production techniques, film scoring, and sound design for film and video games.

You will complete multiple creative projects to demonstrate comprehension and application of course content.

Objective: Audio Business Administration explores the issues related to the management of an audio production-centric business.

Emphasis will be given to business planning, time management, resource allocation, personnel dynamics, and financial management.

You will learn the business side of production, including professional client service, promotional methods, equipment selection and purchasing, and how to set your rates.

You will also learn about new and trending distribution channels.

What you can do after Visible...

After graduation you will be able to find gainful employment in studios, live sound venues, post-production facilities, production companies, broadcast media, or entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Here are a few of the jobs you will be ready for:

  • Record Producer
  • Audio Technician
  • Recording Studio Manager
  • Sound Designer
  • Instrument Technician
  • Sound Mixer
  • Radio Broadcast Engineer
  • Digital Audio Editor
  • Live Audio Engineer
  • and many more. 

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