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About our Program

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Our Music Business program is both academic and practical.

Our goal is to prepare students for vocational readiness from a Biblical perspective in all fields of the music business. Music Business fields include publishing, management, tour promotion, marketing and record label operations.

Students will learn fundamental business skills in areas of communication, marketing, and finance.

They will also learn about the music industry at the macro and micro-levels. Our program features preparation and work in contractual and legal matters, the management of artists and event/tour promotion and planning. All disciplines find their practical outworking in an ongoing relationship with Madison Line Records, the non-profit record label founded by Visible Music College.

Your Degree Plan

This is the core of our program. Everything listed below is what you will have mastered by the time you finish your degree at Visible. However, this is not everything. View the complete degree plan.

Objective: This course is an introduction and survey to the business of commercial music.

This includes a study of the business systems and functional roles within the music business, the historical development of music business, specific detail of job position relationships, and the services of music related business.

You will gain experience managing and marketing contemporary bands. In addition, you will gain understanding and practical application of key leadership principles necessary for effective band management.

Areas to be covered include Artist Management, Publishing, Venue Management, Booking, Marketing and Sales.

Objective: Tour Management is the key role in order for an artist to have a successful tour: From hiring the production team and road crew, to being the communication hub and liason between Management, Booking Agent, Promoter and Band, to insuring all aspects of the tour happen on time and within budget.

An effective tour manager must be able to organize transportation, scheduling, and the financial aspects of an artist’s time on the road.

Additionally you will learn learn effective merchandising and promotion techniques, the procurement of sponsorships, and the technical side of touring: stage plots, sound and lights, and how to settle up the show when the music’s over.

This course gives a detailed overview of the complete touring management and music merchandising process.

Objective: You will become familiar with the work of publicity and promotion of artists and events within the music industry.

As a part of this class, you will promote and prepare publicity and promotion for actual events.

Objective: You will learn project management techniques and the application of those techniques in regards to the three constraints.

In this course we will outline the methods and procedures used in Project Management. The course disseminates strategies and methodologies to keep projects within budget, on time, while creating the highest probability of success.

You will be introduced to the concept of project risk management. You will learn PMI best practices in how to Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control and Monitor; and Close a project.

The class includes the use of Critical Path Method (CPM) and the creation of a work breakdown schedule (WBS). You will apply project management techniques and tools to music business related projects such as recordings, tours, marketing campaigns, etc.

Objective: A study of the fundamentals of concert booking and promotion.

Topics will include booking agency, promoters, contracts, riders, settlement procedures, finance, venue selection, target marketing, audience projections, and promotional packages and techniques.

Objective: This course seeks to give you an experience comparable to working for a music publishing company.

You will complete projects within the various departments of the company and work toward the acquisition and exploitation of music copyrights.

Objective: An analysis and implementation course covering the various aspects of artist management, including talent agencies, personal management, performance preparation, recording contracts, financial advising, business management and artist promotion.

Special attention is given to the relationship between the artist and the management team with emphasis on communication and presentation.

Objective: This course is a study of the fundamentals of marketing as it relates to recorded music.

Topics will include product development, pricing, sales, distribution and supply chain management, promotion, publicity and public relations, advertising, and new media.

Objective: Music business professionals in today’s music industry must have a working knowledge of basic graphic design and content management principles.

This course will familiarize you with basics of graphic design including form, brand, message development, visual concepts, and fundamental design theory.

Additionally this course is designed to give you a practical experience with the current and most used web content management systems.

You will be introduced to both applied aspects of content management technologies as well as the brand image strategies and issues involved.

Objective: This course is a presentation of basic business principles needed for administrating independent music or ministry, including accounting principles, business planning, fund raising, resource management, human resources, and business ethics.

Choose your concentration.

In our Music Business department we offer 3 concentrations of study


Our Finance concentration will prepare you with fundamentals of forecasting, asset valuation, accounting and capital acquisition.

You will gain applicable knowledge of these principles in order to leverage present and future opportunities for artists, start-ups, and established businesses within the music industry.


Our Leadership concentration will prepare you with fundamentals of business strategy and entrepreneurship.

You will gain applicable knowledge in the areas of decision making, service, motivation and creating a competitive advantage in order to leverage present and future opportunities for artists, start-ups, and established businesses within the music industry.


Our Marketing and Branding concentration will prepare you with fundamentals of market research, consumer behavior, building brand equity, and understanding brand value.

You will gain applicable knowledge in these subject areas to assist creating a competitive advantage for artists, start-ups, and established businesses within the music industry.

Careers in Music Business

Our Music Business program will prepare you to have the wisdom not only to find employment within the music business world, but also transform the industry through entrepreneurial innovation, all from a Christian worldview. Here are some of the careers you’ll be ready for after your time at Visible:

Music Producer
Recording Engineer
Artist Manager
Tour Manager
Record Label Executive
Booking Agent
Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Manager
And many more

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