Our Music Business program is both academic and practical. Our goal is to prepare students for vocational readiness from a Biblical perspective in all fields of the music business. Music Business fields include publishing, management, tour promotion, marketing and record label operations.

Students will develop fundamental business skills in areas like communication, marketing, and finance. They will also learn about the music industry at the macro- and micro-levels.

Our program also features preparation and work in contractual and legal matters, the management of artists and event/tour promotion and planning.

All disciplines find their practical outworking in an ongoing relationship with Madison Line Records, the non-profit record label founded by Visible Music College.


Traditional Business Major Comparable Class Visible Music Business Major
Freshman Survey of Business Intro to Music Business
Project Management  Project Management
Sophomore Principles of Management, Negotiation, and Organizational Behavior  Artist Management
Principles of Marketing  Music Marketing and Networking
Business Law and Economics  Music Publishing
Public Relations  Publicity and Self-Promotion
Junior Business Administration and Business Policies  Business Administration
Business Operations and Sales Management  Booking and Venue Management
Promotional Strategy  Concert Promotion
Leadership Emphasis Strategies of Entrepreneurship  Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Ventures and Valuation  Business Strategy and the Future
Marketing Emphasis Marketing Research  and Statistics for Business Decisions  Marketing Research
Consumer Behavior and Marketing and Society  Brands and Branding
Finance Emphasis Principles of Accounting I and II  Financial Accounting
Business Finance  Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity