Modern Music

Earn your degree in the field of modern music from Visible Music College

Our Modern Music program offers relevant training in skill and character for musicians, artists, and leaders.

We want our students to succeed in modern music, either serving in the church or performing in today’s music industry.

Our program and curriculum prepare students for a career in popular music.

We give them the academic knowledge, vocational experience, and spiritual growth needed to succeed. Ultimately, we want them to succeed in the field of ministry and life.

Whether you sing, lead worship, play guitar, horns, strings, drums, or any musical instrument, Visible Music College has a place for you – in the band!

Our unique program places you into a band in your first semester of college. You will be playing the best music in the world, learning band dynamics, signing contracts, recording, and playing live. All in your first year.

Our Programs

Equipping our students for ministry in the local church.

Objective: We will equip the students for ministry in the local church. This program is designed to holistically cover the role and responsibilities of a worship pastor for a range of styles and church models. Upon graduation, the student will be proficient in arranging worship sets, leading a band with effective communication, worship media/technology and teaching on the subject of worship.

In addition, each worship leader will be able to articulate their personal worship ministry philosophy.

Dr. John Johnson (Head of Worship Leadership Division)

Objective: We will provide the knowledge and skills to be successful in the studio as well as live performance through the study of various musical styles, sight reading, rhythm, knowledge of chords and harmony.

Ted Partin (Guitar & Bass Division Head)

Objective: We train drummers for musical service in the church and the music industry. The student’s training involves chart writing and reading, stylistic repertoire, rudimental percussion, hand and ethnic percussion, interdependence and limb coordination, sensitivity and groove, music composition, drumset transcriptions, and the use of loops and samples.

Simon Alexander (Head of Drums Division)

Objective: We will equip students with the ability to read standard notated music as well as chord charts and lead sheets all while enhancing the student’s technical proficiency on the instrument. This will deepen the student’s understanding of touch, feel, groove and expression on the instrument.

It is also important to expand the student’s musical vocabulary of chord voicing, progression and improvisation. Students will be exposed to the basic nuances of various stylistic playing, and also given opportunities to explore the world of keyboarding technology and sound synthesis.

Students will learn how to work with different sound patches currently found on today’s modern keyboard, as well as strengthen their ability to play by ear.

JP Smith (Keyboard Division)

Objective: We will elevate the student’s vocal and musical skills, develop the student’s understanding of music theory and practice in various genres and styles. Equip students in band development, rehearsal, recording, arranging, and performing, within the context of the music industry and ministry.

Specific attention will be paid to vocal health, classical vocal models alongside jazz and rock vocal models, and expressing the heart of God and self through singing.

Sarah Harper (Vocal Department Head)

Objective: Train and equip songwriters for effective service and ministry in the music industry and the church. Upon graduation, students will be able to craft commercially and artistically successful songs in a variety of forms, working and co-writing in a variety of settings.

Students will be comfortable performing original work, and familiar with recording creative song demos.

Amaryah LaBeff (Head of Songwriting Division)

Objective: We will train and equip brass, woodwind and stringed musicians for effective service and ministry in the music industry and the church. We ensure that every mandolin player, trombonist, fiddle player, and jazz saxophone student is perfectly suited for a quality, professionally minded, Christian education.  Musical styles range from rock to hip-hop to worship to jazz to Americana.

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