Master of Arts in Leadership

An innovative comprehensive professional modern degree program

Earn your Master of Arts in Leadership in as little as one year.

The Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL) program exists to create vocational experts.  We want you to not only become examples of excellence but also lead, direct, teach and mentor those who follow behind you.  

In keeping with Visible Music College’s overall mission, the MAL program holistically trains and equips leaders in music, production, business, and ministry for effective service in the music industry and in the Church. 

Areas of Focus

Our Master’s Program allows you to focus your degree in an areas that apply to your career.

Modern Music

Either serving in the church or performing in today’s music industry

Music Production

Working as producers, engineers, or to create a new audio production business.

Music Business

Publishing, management, tour promotion, marketing and record label operations

Christian Ministry

Serving Jesus Christ in any ministry context. 

Master's Program Overview

Join our Master's Program

Visible is an amazing place for creative/talented/passionate people like you.  

Admissions Requirements

Complete and submit an application form, answering all essay questions.

Submit a non-refundable application fee of $40.00.

Submit three reference forms: one Pastoral, one Artistic, and one Academic.

Read, sign, and return the Visible Code of Conduct and Statement of Faith.

Complete an Audition and Interview.

Complete a Music Theory Placement Test (for Modern Music emphasis only).

Submit all official college transcripts from each college and/or vocational school attended.

How do I pay for it?

The cost of the program is $650/credit hour ($19,500 for the full program). Housing is a separate cost if desired.

1. Federal Loans of up to $20,500 a year
2. Graduate Worker serving in an area of the school for a scholarship of $4,500 a year
3. Graduate Teaching serving an instructor for our certificate program in exchange for a partial scholarship
4. Payment plans also available