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Our Acting Certificate students learn to become whole-hearted artists

Get your One-Year Certificate in Acting or Dance

Our Acting Certificate program provides you with the unique opportunity to study your craft in a culture infused with Kingdom. We pride ourselves on excellent training and course content, designed to provide you with a foundational understanding in a variety of Performing Arts disciplines, while immersing you in a community full of artists and creative possibility.

Certificate students also have the unique opportunity to join other conservatory students for Friday revival groups, workshops and guest speaker lecture content.


Our Acting Certificate students learn to become whole-hearted artists, who perform from their identity, not for their identity. Students will learn foundational-level acting technique, while exploring the possibilities of choosing a career in the performing arts.

  • Performing in the Presence

  • Theology of Art and Kingdom storytelling

  • Dream Circle Technique

  • Foundational acting techniques

  • Voice work

  • Dance; Jazz, Broadway, Ballet, Contemporary & Hip Hop

  • Monologue and scene study with an emphasis on character analysis

  • Improvisation

  • Ensemble Work

  • Learning to teach

  • Wholehearted Artist

The Certificate program is a robust introduction to the performing arts. It includes voicework, beginning acting technique, dance, and our unique BCA courses like Wholehearted Artist and Dream Circle. It is not a quick path to the industry. The Certificate program is perfect for people looking to enrich their podcasts and YouTube channel presence, explore the performing arts as a potential career, or get excellent training in order to establish a drama ministry. If your goal is to pursue a professional career as an actor, you will need to choose the BA program. Development of craft takes time.

Transferability of credits is always at the discretion of the college you are applying to. Generally, certificate level credits do not transfer into BA programs because the courses are not as rigorous.

The certificate program courses do not substitute for BA courses. There is some content overlap but the BA is definitely next level in terms of commitment, homework load, and intensity. Due to the nature of our curriculum and the Conservatory structure, students who have completed the Certificate and want to apply for the BA program will need to complete all 3 years of the BA.

Our partnership with Bethel Conservatory of the Arts

At Visible we have partnered with Bethel Conservatory of the Arts to provide accreditation for this Certificate in Acting. To get started, begin your application with Bethel Conservatory of the Arts. 

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Applications close July 1st for the 2020-21 Academic year.