Creative. Christian. College.

Visible launched in Memphis, Tennessee in 2000. Our focus as a creative Christian community is bigger than any single church or artists. We believe music is important in the world and the Church. We believe creative Christians have enormous impact as leaders in culture and developing the Church globally. Because of this, we create and partner with intimate, intentional artist communities throughout the world that emphasize training and higher education around five key concepts: global kingdom of God, spiritual transformation, professional experience and leadership, academic fidelity to the Word, and the visible way of hospitality.

Together. Inspired. Drive. Focus. Welcome.

The Story of Visible

Visible Music College was started by Ken Steorts who, while touring with his band Skillet, saw many young Christain musicians with great promise, but had little instruction, guidance, or purpose. In 2000, Ken and a small team of creative folks launched the vision of Visible Music College, which is special in the world of higher education. Within a few years, the college was accredited, hundreds of students were coming to Memphis, and programs were full to the point of starting other small communities in Germany, Chicago, Dallas, California, and Online – and growing!

In 2012, Visible acquired an abandoned iconic Downtown Memphis architectural landmark and brought it to life again with a redesign and repurposing of the space at 200 Madison Avenue into our flagship campus. It was transformed into a music training hub. Visible is alive with music and students from 50 states and 30 countries, partnering with hundreds of churches globally for shared training. The waves of change reverberated off the core of the city and caused new investment along the Madison corridor – new restaurants, business, housing – a place alive and buzzing today.

Visible Music College is a globally integrated training community that challenges students toward a bachelor’s, master’s degree, or one year certificate programs. From Sarah Simmons (NBC’s The Voice) to indie darlings Carolina Story, national tours with Mosaic worship or CCM stars like Terrian Bass, Visible alumni are on the charts, in the studio, and making a huge impact of leadership in the church.


Visible Music College is a global Christian community serving the Church and cultures with our collective energy and creativity, fostering an environment of worship and innovation through artistic endeavors for the glory of God and to the benefit of everyone.

Mission Statement

Visible Music College inspires and equips students in Christian character, skill, and wisdom for effective service in the arts, industry, and the Church.

Let Us Train You

Do it. Don’t just talk about it. This is not a Christian band camp. You will get hands-on experience creating, writing, producing, and managing all in the first year.

You’ll gain experience every week, from the time you first step on campus to your last recital and tour. After that, a career you’ve always dreamed of, doing what you have learned from us at Visible Music College.