Professional experience with industry and ministry while you attain your degree.

Do it, don’t just talk about it. Not just a book, but real life. From the first week, not in your junior year. Every week, from the time you first step on campus to the last recital and tour. Then, a career you’ve always dreamed of, doing what you have learned daily inside the college environment.

Visible Music College is a pioneer in creating a working Christian artist community that lives and innovates together – collaboration over competition – for real world experience of the music career while you are in the classroom. With a non-profit record label, Madison Line Records, regular studio recording for every student, music tours, live events, weekly performance seminars, professional development, and visiting bands, speakers, and professionals, Visible Music College is a busy, creative space to learn and grow.

Are you ready to reply do what it takes to succeed and take your talent and message to the world?