Earn your degree while you experience the music industry

Memphis | Chicago | Dallas | Germany

Memphis – Home of the blues and the birthplace of rock and roll. Soul music, river city, gospel roots, Johnny Cash and Stax. Enough said.f

Chicago – One of the largest cities in the US, culturally diverse, known for Chicago blues, indie rock, great architecture, and deep dish pizza.

Dallas – South and a bit West. Texas blues, Americana capital, classic country, hard rock, and swing. Modern gospel, large churches, and great radio.

Germany – Gorgeous Black Forest location near Switzerland. Mountainous, cross-cultural, European music industry, euro-pop and dance music.

Visible Music College has four locations offering the very best music, music production, and music business degree in the world. Practical, worship-centered, professional, and full of real world experience and faculty who are actually in the music industry and ministry. Come visit one of the campuses near you and see what is right for you. Always intimate, always discipleship focused, and always modern music – with the flavor of the country, region, and city in which we thrive.

Academic Overview

Visible Music College is an integrated training experience that challenges students to grow spiritually, professionally, and academically during an accredited bachelor degree program. Each degree program includes a core of Bible, Theology, and Ministry courses. The integrity of the student’s spirituality is foundational to professional development, as Scripture informs how to relate to the Creator and His creation–particularly how one ought to respond to the Creator’s invitation to thoughtful, creative, and prayerful engagement in the music industry and the Church. Both the spiritual and professional development are emphasized through the rigorous college-level curriculum.

Philosophically, the “why” (spirituality) precedes the “what” (profession) and the “how” (academics). All three growth areas are represented in the college’s name:

Visible Music College
Spiritual Professional Academic

The integrated training is experienced through immersion, and investment.


The student must wisely invest time and energy in the curriculum and the community to get the most out of what Visible Music College has to offer. Investment in the curriculum is accomplished through hard work and careful time management. Investment in the community happens in sharing life together in the classroom, in worship, in lessons, at Winter Retreat, and in homes. With a 1:6 staff to student ratio, the staff are readily available to disciple, coach, and teach students. The staff is committed to helping each student grow into effective musicians, technicians, and business professionals.

Transferability of Credits

Academic credits earned at one or more institutions of higher education may not transfer to another college or university as expected. Therefore, the State of Tennessee requires full disclosure of the nature or risk associated with the transfer of academic credits. Full disclosure details can be found on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission website, from Chapter 7 Postsecondary and Higher Education Generally of Title 49 Education Law, 49-7-144.

Visible Music College: DIsclosure About Transferability of Credits

Comprehensive Assessment Plan

This is the most recent Comprehensive Assessment Plan for 2016-17 put together by our Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment team.