5 Questions with Terrian Bass

5 Questions With Terrian Bass


Terrian Bass is a Memphian who attends Visible Music College to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Modern Music/Songwriting. Not only is she a full-time college student, she is currently a vocalist on tour with Toby Mac and has also recently landed herself #1 on the Christian  Billboard charts for her single “Light It Up”.    We asked Terrian 5 questions about her experience as a student, touring around the U.S.     1.What is it like touring w/ Toby Mac? What is something that you’re learning while on tour?   Touring with Toby has been an incredible experience. He’s able to carry this team well because of his commitment to the Lord and his family. It spills over into the culture of our community. I’m blessed to be a part of it. I’m learning a lot about what it takes to be a good leader: commitment to Jesus, allowing space for accountability, esteeming others above yourself, vision, and always considering the bigger picture.    2. What are you currently studying at Visible and why did you choose that path?    I’m studying Songwriting with a minor in Biblical Discipleship. I’ve been songwriting for years now, so to be put in a space that requires you to truly nurture that gift is necessary. Biblical Discipleship gives me a chance to learn more about God’s word while also being able to articulate different subjects in the bible. I get to learn from professors who are well versed in this area, so it’s edifying.    3. Do you think it is important to have a formal education in the music industry? Why or Why not? I can’t say one way or the other. Some people just have it and they grow just by being hands-on and by consistency. It comes down to the person’s situation and what the Holy Spirit is instructing them to do for their journey. Does a formal education help and could it be necessary in some cases? Absolutely! However, I believe formal education in music is very optional.     4. What is it like to balance touring and studying?     For me, it’s not that difficult of a thing. When touring, on a bus, I am available until 5:30 pm. The hard part is if I have to fly somewhere on a school day. Flying disrupts my routine of getting stuff done during the day, so it can be a bit stressful. It’s also important to not procrastinate. I definitely have had my moments of procrastination. It doesn’t feel great when it catches up to you. So, I try my best to be mindful of that.    5. Angel Street: What excites you about this work? Why are you passionate about this? I love that girls in my community are able to experience what I got to experience in Angel Street. It helps build confidence, inspires, and gives a musical outlet where there is none. The Lord uses music to change lives. So, seeing many young girls being impacted by this makes me want to see this stick around as long as the Lord wills it.   Her advice to students or aspiring artists   Enjoy the journey and live open-handedly. One of the biggest things you will need is peace of mind. The Lord is ready to give us that, yet we’ve got to be open-handed in order to receive the peace He gives us. When building from the ground up, you will be tempted to compare yourself to other people’s journeys, you will be tempted to walk through doors you know the Lord hasn’t opened for you, and you will be tempted to be discouraged. Don’t do those things. It’s not worth it. At the end of the day, what the Lord has planned for your life will be better than anything you can imagine. I can say that because the moment I started truly trusting the Lord with my musical career and endeavors, he gave what I didn’t know to even ask for and he gave me peace.  So, be sure to trust Him along this journey.    To learn more about Terrian and to listen to her EP “Genisis of Terrian”, visit iamterrian.com.    

Visible Music College, founded in 2000 by Ken Steorts (founding guitarist of Christian rock band Skillet), is located at 200 Madison Avenue in downtown Memphis. Visible is an accredited college with bachelor’s and master’s degrees and certificate programs, with a fully online option. The focus of Visible is on creating small, intentional artist communities throughout the world that emphasize growth in three key areas: spiritual, professional, and academic. 

For more information about Visible Music College, visit www.visible.edu.

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