Music Through Plastic Cubes

Music still communicates through clear plastic cubicles. Many things about the past year of Covid nightmare have been challenging, but none more for the musician than live shows. At one
Unlock the mysteries of music from our Visible Vault. Check out this lesson "How To Get Started With Your Own Podcast" with Carol Y Davis , Worship Leading Instructor at Visible Music College.
This week I was standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona. Although there was indeed a flatbed Ford waiting for tourists such as myself, I guarantee you I slowed down no
Mich Polan, Drum Division Head and Modern Music Instructor at Visible Music College Dallas, shares a lesson in “Catch Up Mode".
Terrian Bass is a Memphian who attends Visible Music College to obtain her bachelor's degree in Modern Music/Songwriting. Not only is she a full-time college student, she is currently a vocalist on tour with Toby Mac and has also recently landed herself #1 on the Christian  Billboard charts for her single "Light It Up". 
music business manager on phone
Music business management leaders have a special calling (of course not one calling is more special than others) and opportunity to lead others with biblical principles.  It’s a wonderful opportunity

Music and Presentations

Music makes a presentation go way better.   I work with a lot of musicians and educators and church people doing a lot of varied tasks of creativity and administration.