Music is up Early

I heard live music playing in a dark building early on a Sunday morning. So much of what goes into being “good” at something is the number of hours you do
Unlock the mysteries of music from our Visible Vault. Check out this lesson “Live Loops in Logic Pro X” with Tommy Lozure, Music Production Division chair at Visible Music College.
Makenzie Harris is a sophomore at Visible Music College Dallas working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Music / Worship Leadership.
Two lifelong passions are the impetus behind the new Healy Engineering & Production Scholar award at Visible Music College in downtown Memphis

Help, I Make Music!

1,000 people have helped me make music. It is true that many people have helped me make music over the years. I don’t know all of their names and they may

Triads with Korey Hicks

Korey Hicks, the Guitar Division Head at Visible Music College discusses triads for the guitar and focuses on the first three strings. 
I played a lead solo with my teeth last Saturday, as one does.   Rock n roll is all of crazy antics since its birth in the 1950s America, some
music records, sheets and amplifiers
Amidst all of the innovations brought to us by technology, the Publishing Industry remains a viable and reliable income stream.    The successful music business professional has to understand both

Music Wafts

Music was wafting across the beach parking lot and onto my boat cockpit. This past weekend I invited some friends and colleagues aboard my small sailboat at a company picnic