Music is Important 9

Music is Important “Give that kid a drum to bang on,” said no parent ever. Kids are just going to make noise and I was reminded of that this week

Music is Important 8

Otis Redding said “Don’t mess with Cupid”. I took that message to heart while lying on shag carpet with big, brown Koss headphones on and was suddenly wary of that

Music is Important 7

Everyone loves a successful concert. My friend Jim Green passed away last week in Memphis with only fifty years of life behind him. Jim was a dynamic and big personality,

Music is Important 6

Music Is Important Listening is the greatest lesson I never wanted to learn from school. I remember the teacher constantly pushing the class to listen – listen to her teach,

Music is Important 5 Music is Important 5 Dozens of UK Christian churches sang “The Blessing” over their country this week, engaging in a common religious practice of the Christian church for twenty centuries (and