Graduate Placement

Graduate Placement

Visible Music College is committed to preparing our students to go on to find meaningful work within the church and music industry, as well as seeing our students continue with further education.

2016 Placements:

Taylor Carstens (BMin Music Business; 2016): Cast Centers / Cast on Tour (West Hollywood, CA)

Jon Paul Smith (BMin Modern Music, Keyboard; 2016): Music Instructor, Visible Community Music School (Memphis, TN)

Ben Lehman (BMin Modern Music, Drums; 2016): Belknap Landscape Company (Gilford, NH)

Josh Kottke (BMin Modern Music, Drums; 2016): Coffee Commissary (Burbank, CA)

Rebecca Davis (BMin Modern Music, Songwriting; 2016): Lane Music (Memphis, TN)

Devarius Fitzpatrick (BMin Modern Music, Worship Leadership; 2016): JC Penny (Memphis, TN)

Josiah Hodge (BMin Modern Music, Vocal; 2016): Strout Studios (Dallas, TX)

Sydney Hollingsworth (BMin Modern Music, Worship Leadership; 2016): Memphis Christian Church (Memphis, IN)

Madeleine Miller (BMin Modern Music, Vocal; 2016): Private Music Instructor

Samantha Parrott (BMin Music Business; 2016): Graduate School, Lipscomb University

Hannah Newell (BMin Modern Music, Songwriting): Spot Coffee (New York)

Daniel Shearer (BMin Modern Music, Songwriting; 2016): The Claridge Pet Resort (Memphis, TN)

Charles Stout (BMin Modern Music, Songwriting; 2016): The Body Church (Memphis, TN)

Katelyn Toebbe (BMin Music Production; 2016): Memphis Sound Lab (Memphis, TN)

Richard Aaron Stanley (BMin Modern Music, Guitar; 2016): Director, Visible Community Music School (Memphis, TN)

2015 Placements:

Lance Cook (BMin Modern Music, Songwriting; 2015): Worship Leader, Faith Presbyterian Church (Memphis, TN); Adjunct Tutor in Vocals, Visible Music College

Andrew Elder (BMin Modern Music, Songwriting; 2015): Worship Leader, Immanuel Luther Church (Memphis, TN); VAS (band)

William Farmer (BMin Music Production; 2015): The Passport, LLC (band)

Nao Glover (BMin Modern Music, Songwriting; 2015): Visible Community Music School (Memphis, TN); Signal Flo PR (Memphis, TN)

Holly Hartman (BMin Music Business; BMin Modern Music, Vocals; 2015): Memphis Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (Memphis, TN)

Jordan Hays (BMin Modern Music, Worship Leadership; 2015): Madewell (Memphis, TN)

Shekinah Langford (BMin Modern Music, Songwriting; 2015): Worship Pastor, Salvation Army (Memphis, TN)

Daniel Lewandowski (BMin Music Business; 2015): Green Machine Concerts (Southaven, MS)

Chaz Mattison (BMin Modern Music, Drums; 2015): Professional Musician, Carnival Cruise Line

Vanessa Providence (BMin Modern Music, Worship Leadership; 2015): Worship and Media Director, Mosaic Church (Memphis, TN)

Kyle Pruzina (BMin Modern Music, Songwriting; 2015): Director of Worship Arts, Union Avenue Baptist Church (Memphis, TN); The Passport (band)

Andrew Smith (BMin Music Production; 2015): Student Creative Director, Highpoint Church (Memphis, TN)

Jeremy Stansbury (BMin Modern Music, Drums; 2015): Youth Director, Decatur Trinity Christian Church (Memphis, TN)

Sarah Trimbach (BMin Modern Music, Vocal Performance; 2015): Private Vocal Instructor

Dylan Wheeler (BMin Modern Music, Guitar; 2015): Guitarist, Laramie (band)

Rachel Wittman (BMin Music Production; 2015): Live Sound Engineer, Vineyard Community Church (Virginia Beach, VA); Apple Inc.

In upholding the standards of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, we report these statistics: From the period of July 2014 to June 2015, the withdrawal rate was 8.5%, the completion rate was 67.9%, and the in-field job placement rate was 78.9%. Detailed statistical data for this program may be viewed by going to and clicking on the “Authorized Institutions Data” button.